Contemporary art, mixed media sculpture, encaustic wax, abstract paintings, Sarasota, Florida

Abstract Oil Paintings

For this series, A Sense of Place, I used memories and sensations to create abstract art describing attachments to geographical areas. These works are derived from perceptions of home and place. I enjoy addressing sentimental viewpoints towards home, creating imaginary worlds, fantastical and utopian. My paintings include imaginative shapes and vivid colors that represent home to me.

Images range from interpretations of nature to structures that interests me. The method of creating the painting is as important to me as the final image. Like sites that have been destroyed and rebuilt, I build paintings, deconstruct them, and build them again. I rework the surface with large palette knives and thick paint. My process is one of improvisation, intuition, and chance. I use memory and erasures to explore abstract form.

These abstractions connect to the physical, emotional and psychological spaces I experience while traveling and then at home in Sarasota, Florida. I chose the format of a diptych to express the relationship between two related, yet different types of home, the temporary and the permanent residence. The diptych creates two frames, each similarly composed, which forces the viewers eye to go back and forth. This is a conceptual realization of the movement between two different ideas of place.