mchapel projects

mchapel projects is an artist-run, alternative art space, open to building connections and bringing about dialogue in the art community regarding progressive art practices and ideas. mchapel projects is a place where emerging artists can gain opportunities and receive exposure with the belief that individuals creating new and thoughtful perspectives on art can receive recognition at the early stages of their career. Through exhibitions at artist-run galleries like mchapel projects, the community can experience a meaningful exchange by contemplating a wide variety of processes, social and political interpretations, and cultural insights through various forms of artistic communication.

Marianne Chapel is an multidisciplinary artist using sculpture, paintings, art installations, and photography to create her latest body of work “Construction Reconstruction.” Marianne’s work discusses urban development and a sense of home through the mediums of oil paint, wood, and encaustic wax. She founded the artist-run gallery mchapel projects. Marianne received her Masters of Fine Arts in Painting from Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana) and is currently an Instructor at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

Cynthia Mason is a visual artist based in St. Petersburg, Florida who uses painting, installation and sculpture to investigate how we control and are controlled by meaning through phenomenological aspects of space. Trained as an architect, Cynthia makes terrestrial wall constructions exploring how materials can merge and repulse one another. She loves plaster, junk mail and gold, any material going up against a complementary material. She is participating in the Sarasota Fine Arts Society Creators and Collectors Tour Galleria and Organic Geometry, both in Sarasota mid March.

Laine Nixon is a contemporary artist and painter that is known for her abstract art that is usually geometric and aims to transmit simplicity and purity. She creates paintings that represent the conflict within visual conception and physical object. She has said that she enjoys uncertainty as a path for understanding the mysteries of life and her  process imbues feelings of peace and joy into her work.

Sarasota is proud to be the home of the The Ringling College of Art and Design. Many of the artists shown at mchapel projects are, or were at one time,  students or instructors at the college. The Ringling College of Art and Design’s teaching staff is comprised of award winning artists and designers who hold a passion for their field and who are devoted to provide the necessary tools for their students to take risks and develop their skills with the best equipment and advanced technology. They offer BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degrees in Motion Design, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photograph and Digital Imaging, Game Art, Interior Design, Painting, Advertising Design, Fine Art, Illustration, and Computer Animation.