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Constructing Utopia

I paint utopian cities where people live in homes that float in the sky or drift on water. I create abstract forms referring to buildings and bridges that integrate with colorful elements representing abundant waterways, and ample, glorious long distant views. While the imagery comes from my imagination, the issues that have brought this topic to mind are very real.  Urban Growth, rapid urbanization, overpopulation, and climate change have dramatically altered the planet and the way people live. I am interested in modern issues of urban development relative to environmental, individual and societal requirements. I would like to bring to light environmental issues caused by rapid urbanization and overpopulation. 

My process has always been one of enthusiastic but perplexing, improvisation and change, however, in my recent series of oil paintings, Constructing Utopia, I am challenged more than ever.  I began Constructing Utopia in 2014 and I have been in a constant, wonderful state of trial, error, and research. The in-progress challenge is the creation of non-objective, personal symbols that border on the edge of representation and abstraction. These forms fit into dreamlike cityscapes, and could be described as: ladders, scaffolding, skyscrapers, cages, crates, greenhouses, parks, trees, tunnels, bridges, waterways, streets, or paths, but in this altered world these descriptions do not fit exactly.  While building these invented cityscapes, I construct awkward perspectives, patterns and sometimes unrefined color, with the look of childlike simplicity and frankness. Being on the edge of representation and abstraction, reality and make believe, is the place that interests me most.