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Construction Reconstruction

I grew up exploring the city-like, low income housing development where I lived with my mom and four older sisters. The sprawling, identical, apartment buildings were built in three phases and covered ten acres. The boundaries I pushed and the buildings I hid behind became areas of special significance and limitation.

I ordered this world into a system of invisible linear diagrams and imaginary geometric shapes which marked areas of refuge, restrictions, safety and risk.

At home, I was obsessed with drawing made-up maps of unknown locations and well-organized house designs with intricate floor plans. I immersed myself in the challenge of combining the necessary rooms of a house in an efficient way, each rectangular space fitting together like a puzzle piece.

I am still fixated on housing restrictions and requirements, configurations and costs. I model my process and imagery from housing construction practices and large scale city planning and development.

My works are invented city maps and abstracted construction plans. They are descriptions of roads, plumbing, scaffolding, and lot lines. The body of work, “Construction Reconstruction,” is a wide-ranging exploration of modern issues in urban development relative to environmental, individual and societal requirements.

I refer to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and whether they are satisfied, or not, through architecture and infrastructure. I hope to bring to light the disparity in building advancements between populations of poverty and wealth in reference to safety, security, health and well being.